Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal for a spouse to force his/her partner to have sex?
Forced sexual relations between a husband and wife is recognized in Texas statutes as marital rape and is a crime recognized separately from domestic violence. HCWC provides counseling and other services for victims of marital rape.

Can men be victims of sexual assault?
Yes. In Texas, one in 20 men have been sexually assaulted.  HCWC offers counseling and support groups, as well as other services, for males who have been sexually assaulted as adults or sexually abused as children.

Can men be victims of family violence?
Yes. While women report severe abuse at a higher rate than men, 31% of all Texans report that they have been severely abused at some point in their lifetime (TCFV, 2002). HCWC serves male victims of family violence as well as female victims.

Does a sexual assault have to be reported?
No. All sexual assault services are free and confidential, and adults may choose not to report to law enforcement. If a minor discloses a sexual assault incident to anyone, that person is required by law to report the sexual assault to the Child Abuse Hotline: (800-252-5400).

Can HCWC help if my spouse has threatened me?
Yes. Family violence may include emotional, verbal, sexual and/or physical abuse where an abuser exhibits a pattern of behavior that is intended to harm or threaten the victim. If you think you are a victim of family violence, please call HCWC at 512-396-4357.

Can victims of sexual violence come to the shelter?
While women and children who are victims of family violence are most frequently thought of as needing shelter, victims of sexual violence sometimes need shelter too. HCWC works hard to accommodate any victim of family or sexual violence requiring a safe place to stay.

Does Roxanne’s House provide shelter to abused children?
No. Roxanne’s House provides counseling and support for abused children while CPS or the criminal justice system investigates their case. Roxanne’s House is not a shelter for abused children. However, abused children can receive shelter from the Greater San Marcos Youth Council. If a non-offending parent accompanies the abused child, they can receive safe shelter at the HCWC Shelter.

Does HCWC need volunteers?
Yes, HCWC is constantly in need of dedicated men and women to volunteer their time. There are many opportunities, including accompanying a survivor of abuse to the hospital as a HEARTeam Advocate or answering the 24-hour HELPline.