Public Education

HCWC educates the people of Caldwell County and Hays County on issues of abuse in 2 ways:

  • One-time community education presentations to interested groups
  • A 6-to-12 session curriculum educating young people on the subject of “Primary Prevention of Sexual Assault” (approved by the Attorney General’s office of the State of Texas)

Request a One-Time Presentation
HCWC offers community education and informational presentations on issues related to sexual abuse, child abuse, family violence, HCWC services, ways to get involved and more. Presentations can be tailored to the requester’s needs.

To arrange a presentation, please follow this link to complete an online Request for Public Education Presentation, or contact Melissa Rodriguez, Director of Development and Community Partnerships, by phone at (512) 396-3404 or email.

Request Educational Sessions
Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence is the work of attempting to stop sexual violence before it occurs by building healthy communities and changing the attitudes and beliefs that support and normalize violence within our society. The Centers for Disease Control has declared interpersonal violence as a public health issue, and for this reason HCWC addresses prevention using a public health model.  HCWC’s Prevention Education Team leads educational groups in schools for a semester (6-12 weeks) covering a range of topics including:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Gender Roles
  • Bystander Interventions
  • Media Literacy

Composite Allison and Community COMPRESSED FOR WEBThe prevention team also provides groups for other youth establishments and training for professional staff such as teachers and law enforcement. If you would like a community education presentation on the primary prevention of sexual assault for your organization please  follow this link to complete the online Primary Prevention Request form, or contact Brandon Pendleton, Primary Prevention Coordinator, by phone at (512) 396-3404.