Counseling services at HCWC are provided by professional licensed counselors, peer counselors, and counseling interns. All services are offered in both English and Spanish and are for both female and male victims of abuse.  (To understand the goals and benefits of counseling, click here.)

Below are the types of counseling services offered by HCWC. If you would like to avail yourself of our counseling services or would like to get more information, please call (512) 396-3404 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. or leave a message.


  • For individuals contemplating ending an abusive relationship or need healing from previous domestic violence.
  • For adults who have a history of being abused and want to break the pattern.


  • For adults and older teens who have been raped recently or in the past.
  • For adults and older teens sexually abused during childhood.
  • For “secondary victims”–partners and family members of those who have been sexually assaulted or sexually molested in childhood.
  • Group therapy and support groups for those who were sexually abused in childhood.


  • Support and educational groups for non-offending parents.
  • For young people up to age 17 who are survivors of physical and/or sexual abuse.
  • Play therapy (for children too young to participate in traditional “talk” therapy) who have witnessed domestic violence or are survivors of physical and/or sexual abuse.
  • For siblings and other family members who have been affected by physical and/or sexual abuse.
  • Group therapy and structured psycho-educational groups for child witnesses.
  • For children who have witnessed domestic violence (read more here).