Internet Safety

Quick escape and erase browser history

If you need to suddenly switch away from this web page, click on the “Quick Escape Button” at top center – it will close this window and put you in the website of Yahoo News.Girl using laptop

However, be aware that an abuser can track where you’ve been on the internet on a home computer by looking up your browsing history. One way you can erase this history if you use Windows Internet Explorer is by clicking on Tools, Internet Option, Delete Browsing History, and click “Delete browsing history on exit,” then    “Delete…”, then click the “OK” box.

Email is NOT a secure way to communicate with us because most email systems store sent emails that can be later retrieved by your abuser.

How to keep children safe from internet predators

Visit this website by Common Sense Media to learn about parental controls, the best settings for your devices, and age-appropriate online safety tips.