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We are looking for exceptional students with a desire to work with survivors of domestic violence, assault and abuse.
Internships at HCWC provide the participant with extensive training, skilled supervision and a relevant and challenging learning experience.

Types of internships

Many interns provide direct services to victims of abuse and their families, while other interns may facilitate educational groups with youth. Administrative and marketing interns assist the Center on special projects. Each semester we have several internships for students pursuing a degree in social work, counseling or applied sociology. We sometimes have placements for students of family and child development, psychology, sociology, criminal justice, public administration and marketing, too. Feel free to contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information (Phone 512-396-3404). You can fill out an online internship application to get started. Internships are unpaid. Due to a limited number of spots, it’s recommended to start the process approx 2-3 months prior to the semester of your internship.

I’ve applied online. What’s next?

After you’ve submitted an application online, you’ll receive a follow-up call or email from the Volunteer Coordinator. If appropriate, you’ll be invited to interview with the Volunteer Coordinator

Interns receive training and weekly support throughout their internship.

Interns receive training and weekly support throughout their internship.

and learn more about internships at HCWC. All interns must submit to one or more criminal background checks, an interview with the site supervisor, and two references.


Training is an important component for all interns. Please check the dates of the Advocate Training 2015 Schedule to make sure you can attend training the semester you begin your internship (or the semester before, if you prefer).

Internship Job Descriptions

Download a copy of detailed job descriptions for our Current Internship Positions or read on for the basics. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator if you have any questions.

Advocate intern working in the office.

Advocate interns provide a range of services for victims of abuse.

Counseling  Interns provide group and individual therapy for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and adults sexually abused in childhood. Open to MA-level LPC and Community Counseling students (not a good placement for LMFT students). Internships are available at Roxanne’s House or in the Counseling and Resource Center, and we will work with you to find the best placement for your interests and experience. You may fill out the online application or download and print the paper application here: Counseling Internship Application

Social Work Interns provide a wide range of services for survivors of abuse. Open to Social Work BSW and MSW students. Placements are available in one of three areas: Roxanne’s House, the Counseling and Resource Center, or at the McCoy Family Shelter. You may request a copy of the internship descriptions from the Volunteer Coordinator, and we will work with you to find the best placement for your interests and experience. You may fill out the online application or download and print the paper application here: Social Work Intern Application

Please fill out the online internship application if you are interested in the following:

  • Primary Prevention interns work with youth using a public health model to address the root causes of sexual violence in our society in order to prevent violence from occurring. This internship is suited to those studying Applied Sociology, Anthropology, Women’s Studies and Public Health.
  • Family and Child Development interns help with children’s activities at the McCoy Family Violence Shelter.
  • Roxanne’s House accepts undergraduate interns each semester to support child abuse victims and their families. Majors in Family and Child Development, Criminal Justice, Psychology and Sociology lend themselves well to this internship.
  • The Development and Community Partnerships Team utilizes interns to increase awareness of the issues and generate support for HCWC. Mass Communication, Graphic Design, Anthropology, Psychology, Film and Business students all have skills that could be utilized in a General Internship with the DCP Team.

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

HCWC conducts one or more background checks on volunteers and interns. View a list of Disqualifying Offenses

The Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes all qualified applicants, regardless of gender, race, age sexuality or disability. All internships are unpaid.