Take Action

You can get involved and take a stand against domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. Your clout as a citizen, taxpayer and voter means that politicians and decision makers are interested in hearing about your position on these key issues and the not-for-profit organizations including HCWC that assist victims.

Two of Texas’ most important associations that work on public policy are:

TAASA — The Texas Association Against Sexual Assault. To find out more information about the legislative advocacy work of TAASA, or to join their public policy alert list, please visit: click here

TCFV — The Texas Council on Family Violence. To learn more about the Legislative Advocacy work of TCFV, please visit: click here

To ask your Legislators to support full funding for Domestic Violence Programs in your community, sign TCFV’s E-Purple Postcard: click here

To find out who your representatives are click here and enter your zip code.

Another great way to learn about action you can take is to “Like” HCWC’s Facebook page: click here

People who have been accepted as background-checked volunteers at HCWC receive regular emails about ways to assist our mission. To learn more about our volunteer program click here.