Capital Campaign

Phase I of the “Building Hope” Campaign succeeded in building the state-of-the-art McCoy Family Shelter in 2009.

Phase II of the “Building Hope” Campaign doubled HCWC’s capacity    to serve without doubling ongoing costs or staff. In 2012 HCWC opened the new Center for Community Partnerships building that is co-located with our Children’s Advocacy Center known as Roxanne’s House, and is adjacent to the Counseling and Resource Center.

Significant naming opportunities between $10,000 to $100,000 remain for the new Roxanne’s House, Center for Community Partnerships, the Counseling and Resource Center and the McCoy Family Shelter. To learn more, phone Marla Johnson, Executive Director, at (512) 396-3404, extension 260 or email him.

Below is a summary of phases completed and those envisioned in the future.



The current Family Violence Shelter must be
relocated and expanded to create a safer
environment for victims.
PHASE 1— Build a new shelter with additional safety features and expanded space.


Roxanne’s House was created to serve 50
sexually abused children and now serves more than 240 annually. Its location has become
challenging because of the noise from a retail store across the street during taped interviews and inadequate facilities and parking. 
PHASE 2—Relocate and increase capacity for
children’s advocacy center (Roxanne’s House).


Additional counseling space is needed for the growing number of sexual assault survivors and family violence victims not living in the shelter.  PHASE 2—Increase capacity for outreach sexual assault and family violence programs.


The two greatest barriers to victims of family
violence trying to leave a violent home are lack of affordable housing and lack of affordable, quality childcare.
PHASE 3—Build 16 units of transitional housing.PHASE 4—Build a child care center to support the youngest victims of abuse while families are in transition.

Fundraising and Planning to be Resumed at a Later Date

Cuts in state and federal funds jeopardize critical services to local victims of abuse. ON-GOING—Generate local support for
life-saving services for victims of abuse.