Our McCoy Family Violence Shelter is a facility for domestic violence victims. We have a 30 day program and are able to accommodate 10 to 15 families at a time. Each family has its own bedroom, bathroom and they share the rest of the living quarters. The adults receive case management services, legal advocacy,  peer counseling, support and parenting groups. The children also receive counseling, support groups, and children’s activities.
The shelter has 24 hour coverage with staff on duty at all times. We are a secure facility with cameras and an alarm system.

Individuals work with staff and volunteers to develop their own plan for services they will receive while in the shelter.

We provide food, clothing, personal supplies and transportation for school and medical needs. Our facility is accessible for people who have disabilities.

When a client exits the shelter if needed, we try to provide them with household furnishing, and other things that are required to set up a new home if needed.
To ensure that the shelter is a safe and pleasant environment, resident enter into a cooperative living agreement which includes house rules. All clients help with daily chores such as cooking and cleaning. Since safety of victims of family violence is our priority in the shelter, we do have a daily curfew when all residents need to be home in the shelter.