Children’s Advocacy Center

HCWC’s Children’s Advocacy Center, known as Roxanne’s House, is the non-residential child-friendly facility where abused children come to heal. Roxanne’s House exists so that an abused child’s path runs smoothly through the workings of law enforcement, the legal system and state agencies.

• Recording of forensic interviews arranged by referral from law enforcement or CPS
• Individual counseling for children up to age 17 who are survivors of physical and / or sexual abuse
• Play therapy for children too young for “talk” therapy
• “Court school” to ready children emotionally for court
• Counseling for siblings and non-offending caregivers
• Support and educational groups for children and non-offending caregivers
• Parenting programs, open to the community
• Community presentations

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Children who do not qualify for Roxanne’s House services but who have witnessed domestic violence may be served in another program area. Read about that here.